This series started as a work documenting the scenario encountered during daily walks in Japan and most often in Tokyo. Domestic dimensions in urban spaces have often been the subject of these observations focusing on a universe of ordinary matters such as underground tunnels, swirl cake shop and shrine microcosmos dispersed in the urban scape. Since 2013 I often return to Japan and walking has become a way to explore an interior perception of this informal landscape. In this project Japan also exits as another place, a personal geography emerging through the years from the recollection of these travels.

Palermo, May 18, 2018.
The boys are busy gathering wood for their neighbourhood blaze, a mountain of old things to burn but also a primitive architecture to build and a tower to observe from. Their fire is the highest in Palermo and nobody can turn it off because the oranges are ammunition and the boys are ready to fight.
The ritual of “vampa di San Giuseppe”, coinciding with the transition from winter to spring, is a testimony of the passage of pagan elements absorbed by the territory and made significant according to the Christian cult. The fire represents the destruction of all that anguishes the community, but it is also a regenerator, a promoter of the welfare of crop and man. This ancient practice is poised between tradition and legality, being considered dangerous for the city. For this reason it is carried out by underage boys, who can't be prosecuted.

The collective exhibition takes place in the city of Palermo, as a collateral event of the twelfth edition of the Biennale Manifestation (16th June – 4th November 2018): TALPE. Well said, Old mole curated by Marta Cereda and Laura Lamonea. The exhibition is an exploration throughout the corridors and classrooms of the Liceo Classico Umberto I. The concept of the exhibition comes from the first pages of The Planetary garden by Gilles Cléments.